I am Pissed and need to vent!

20 Jun

I am Pissed and need to vent!.


Welcome to midnightsunconservative

30 Apr

to midnightsunconservative

midnightsunconservative is a blog that was started to promote the Conservative viewpoint and to define liberalism for what it is and the harm it does to the U.S.A..  I consider liberalism to be a disease that if not treated and isolated can lead to catastrophic failure and even death.  We will point out the false hope and despair that the left puts on the same people that they claim to help with there social programs.   Remember this;  liberalism leads to socialism,  socialism leads to communism.  If you need evidence of what happens to the people under socialism and communism you need to look no further than Chinas Chairman Mao Zadong(Se Tung) 40 to 70 million dead; or Russias Stalin who starved aprx 15 million to death and shot another couple million, or Germanys Hitler who killed aprx 11 million.  Yes these are the Utopias the far left would have us live. Some  deny these atrocities even took place.  So we’re here to spread conservatism and stop the spread of liberalism and the false hope it promotes.WEe

Hello world!

28 Apr

Over the past four years or so I went from not even thinking about politics or where I personally fit in the right vs left line, to realizing how Conservative I really was and how insane the argument for liberalism is.  On a personal level I have always been a Conservative and didn’t even realize it.  I believe in working hard for what you want out of life. I believe that our Constitution is in place to protect our Liberty and individual freedom from our Federal government.  I’ve never received so called assistance from the feds.  Always believed that the best way to get back on your feet is to get off your ass.  So naturally these beliefs put me inline with the right.  On the political side as I watch our elected representatives spend us into bankruptcy using  there social programs to buy votes, I feel disgust and anger that they would do this to our children and grandchildren and ruin the greatest country to ever be born on this planet.  So as a way to spread the ideas and defend common sense Conservatism I have decided to start midnightsunconservative.  I welcome all comments as long as they are respectable.  I’m no Einstein but it doesn’t take one to make the Conservative argument, so I will be happy to destroy any liberal argument they attempt.  Remember; we are the majority (40%conservative/40%independent/20%libs) so I’m confident that the average American gets it.  But for those that don’t  read, listen, and learn.